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Grays Harbor Court Appointed Special Advocates
….exists to recruit, train, support and encourage court appointed
volunteers to advocate for abused and neglected children.
A Story
The police came to our house and took my mom and dad away. A policeman stayed with my sister
and I until a lady came and told us that we would have to live someplace else. She took me to a
different town and told me that I would have to stay there until another home was found. She then
left with my sister and took her some place else. I don’t know where. It was scary.
We were told that in a couple of weeks we could visit with each other and our parents for two hours
once a week. After about a month my sister and I moved to a home where we could be together. It
was  in a different town than where we lived, I couldn’t play with my best friend anymore and had to
go to a new school. The people were nice but I couldn’t have my own toys or play with our dog Max.
Sis cried every night. We both wanted to go home,
One day a lady came to the house where we were living  to talk with us. She said that she was a
CASA volunteer. She asked how things were going and if the people taking care of us were nice.
She then explained that her job was to find out what we were thinking about and asked how she
could help us. She said that she would also talk to our parents and the lady that took us away
from home. She told us about family court and what it meant.
She came often and was really nice. Sometimes she would come when we had a visit with  our
parents. She explained that she would write a report that would tell the judge and others what we
thought and what her recommendations would be.
My CASA is my friend.
Grays Harbor CASA
Shops on the River
11017 S Boone St #312
Aberdeen, WA 98520