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Grays Harbor Court Appointed Special Advocates
….exists to recruit, train, support and encourage court appointed
volunteers to advocate for abused and neglected children.
Education and support for families in the child welfare system.
The Parent Engagement Program is designed to educate parents on the Child Welfare system
that they currently have become involved in. The program also offers continuing support, life
skills lessons, community service projects, alternative activities and a mentoring program.
Dependency 101
 class is designed to give parents an introduction to the system. Parents meet
with professionals from the various departments that play a role in this process. Parents get a
better understanding of the process and are able to ask questions.
Parents will also recieve helpful information and resources to better enable them to achieve
success while navigating the system.
Dependency 201
is designed to further educate parents about the system from parents who
have first hand experience if successfuly navigating through the system and have been reunited
with their children. Dependency 201 helps parents build a support system and offers education
and materials geared towards improving life skills.
Dependency 301
is designed to get parents back into the community in a positive way, We do
community service projects and healthy alternative activities to show the parents a new way of
having fun and giving back to the community.
Mentoring Program
 is designed to give parents a main support person as they walk through
their dependency process. The mentor gives support and is a confident who shares their
experience and walks beside them on their journey.
Alexa Montoure
Program Coordinator
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Grays Harbor CASA
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